Incorporated as RENSSELAER TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LTD. in 1997 and renamed to PRISMALYTICS, LLC. in 2013, Prismalytics has been principal consultant and architect to Fortune-100’s biggest brands on their most strategic, enterprise-mission-critical projects. Successful outcomes span every major vertical, includingPharmaceuticals, Financial ServicesCableTV, Media & Entertainment; Securities and Commodities Exchanges; and the Telecommunications industry.

Projects types — now numbering in the dozens — were equally diverse and include: Investment Bank Trading Floor Systems; Data Center Acquisition, Design and Migrations; VoD Cable TV Systems; Artificial Intelligence-based Recommendation Systems; Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery SAN Architectures; Real-Time Trade Stream Analytics Platform; and more.

Over a period that has seen unprecedented and near-continuous change in implementation technologies, tools, and trends; we credit the sustained success of Prismalytics — in part — to adopting, adapting, and faithfully applying the time-tested best practices and playbooks learned during those many marquee engagements.


Prismalytics brings the right people together to help clients challenge established thinking and drive their transformation. We work closely with their businesses to institute technologies and business capabilities that enable them to achieve the sustainable advantages that they seek.


Prismalytics continues to be driven by its long-time view that infrastructure, applications and business functions will experience accelerated advances and consequences along three cyber-era disruptors:

    Applications and functions will experience a near 100% shift from monolithic corporate infrastructure; to multi-party, functional microservices based on “snap-together” Event & Service-Oriented building-blocks. Far more urgent than just shifting CapEx to OpEx, this concerns survival: Organizations that cannot numbly update their technology to meet accelerating times, tastes and trends will be eliminated.
    Aided by Deep Learning/Neural Networks, just-in-time prediction engines will supplant static databases as the backbone of applications due to their ability to uncover patterns hidden in data and train useful models that exploit them.
    Network-connected infrastructure, programs and data will experience never-seen-before levels of attack, damage and unauthorized access by rogue actors.

We maintain these assertions and reaffirm our commitment to helping clients reorient their business-technology strategy to account for them.

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